Space Age Robotics

Bespoke Electronics for the Modern World

We want to build things that will be useful, not in the general sense, but that will scratch a particular, specific itch that has gone unscratched for too long.  Maybe none of our projects scratch the itches you have, but maybe some come close.  Every project we do is open source, so you can take the thing that’s close and make it just right.  Or you can request a feature and a custom version, and maybe we can work with you to achieve it.

The Space Age, with huge, popular, state-sponsored programs of engineering and scientific development, relentless in the pursuit of the unknown, (and its awesome Space Age musicmay well be over, but the revolutions of the Information Age can empower anyone with the know-how to build nearly anything.

The Droids You’re Looking For

We may not have any actual robots just yet, but this was too good a slogan not to use, and who doesn’t want to build their own armies of robot slaves, anyway?  So we’ll probably grow into it.  Stay tuned…


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