SARduino328 v0.1


This page contains the (relatively unchanging) information about v0.1 of the SARduino328 board.

SARduino328 v0.1

Design Files

SARduino328 v0.1 everything (.zip) .sch .png .brd .png .zip

Bill of Materials

Designator Value Purpose
IC2 ATmega328 Microcontroller (or ATmega8 or ATmega168)
R1 10K ohm Pullup resistor for RESET switch
Y1 16MHz Crystal Oscillator (or 16MHz Ceramic Resonator, omit C1,C2)
C1,C2 18-30pF Cap Capacitors for Crystal (match required value)
C4,C5 0.1uF Cap Bypass capacitors for MCU, consider putting right at 5V/GND and A+/GND pins instead of labeled positions
JP10 1×6 header 6-pin FTDI cable programming connection (optional)
SV1 2×3 header 6-pin ISP programming connection (optional), shrouded or bare
JP6 1×3 header 3-pin power selector (external or USB)
External Power Supply Option:
D1 1N400X Input protection diode (e.g., 1N4001 or 1N4004)
J? 2.1mm jack External Power Jack
VR-TOP 7805 5V Regulator (any IN-GND-OUT should work, or 3V3 if you want that)
C6,C7 10uF-100uF Power Supply Filter Caps


  • The reference designators are all jacked up on this one.
  • Most passives are not labeled by value on the PCB.
  • There is no cap on the reset line from the FTDI to support auto-reset.
  • Some extra power and ground rails would be nice for prototyping.
  • It would also be nice to have a pad for raw external VIN, in case we’re not using a 2.1mm jack.
  • C4 and C5 are really bypass caps for the microcontroller, and should be as close to the VCC pins as possible.  Omit from marked placement, and instead put right across power/ground pins on each side of the microcontroller.

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